GM Repair Center

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“Great Shop. Excellent Service. The owner goes a long way to ensure the customer is happy. Gasket repair done in short time and never leaked again. No complaints at all!! Actually on my way there today.”

“I had a problem with my pickup that several shops tried to repair. It would stall out from time to time at a stop light. Carol cleaned up some wiring issues and the problem is gone. I’m a believer. Wont take my truck anywhere else. Thank you.”

“When I was first referred to GM Repair Center by a friend I was initially concerned. As you now know I own 2 Saabs and they are about as far away from GM as you can possibly get. What a surprise I had in store for me.

As I told you when we first met I have had my Saab into the dealer on multiple occasions and they had yet to repair my problem. Each time my car is towed in and each time they have “fixed” the problem. The challenge is that they get paid and the problem comes up in another couple of weeks.

The last time you looked at my car you had your technician check it over (while I waited) and boy what a difference. I have a reliable car again, more power, better mileage and my kids and I get to where we need to be with no worries. What a relief. The time and money I spent at the dealer only makes me upset so I quit thinking about the dealer and quit going there as well!

This is the way a car repair business is supposed to be run. I appreciate it so much! Thank you so much and you can place me in the category of thrilled! I hope you will use this letter to tell other about my experience.”

“I just had my vehicle fixed and was very happy with the friendly people that run the shop. Also the prices were great.”

“Thank you for the quick service. You were able to find the the leak and save me a few hundred bucks compared to the dealer. Won’t go back there anymore.”

“Once again, another satisfactory job at GM Repair center, they worked on my Semi-classic El Camino and it runs as it should, love the shop, love the honesty and have sent several friends in who have all had great experiences.”

“I’m a car guy, I fix everything myself and never take my vehicles to anybody because I simply don’t trust repair shops, that said, this is totally not the case with GM Repair Center, for the first time ever in my life I have relinquished control of all my vehicles to a shop, The folks at the shop are top quality people, never once did they try to pull any punches or try to BS me, I may not know everything about cars but I certainly know enough to know when a shop tries to pull one on me, I found Scott and his staff to be well informed and above all HONEST and fair priced, for the first time ever I have found the kind of repair shop that I actually recommend to my friends, they can tackle a simple hydraulic line change or brake job to complete Cadillac Northstar engine rebuilds, and believe me those are complicated engines, I recommend Scott and his crew at GM Repair center to anyone who wants an honest shop with fair prices and a caring attitude.”

“Great knowledgeable staff, comfortable waiting area with tv for my antsy 3 year old, reasonable pricing for my overly priced GMC Acadia! Will recommend to everyone and will use them exclusively!”

“I went in for a pre-smog test oil change. With a three year old little person. They had Dish network so I could put on some Sesame Street. Before I got really into it…they were done! I learned about the letter B, and I also learned that Toyotas low tire tire pressure light is connected to the spare! So, for the first time in two years, I dont have to look at that warning on my instrument panel. I knew that my front brake pads were toast so I scheduled an appt for later in the day. I found an online voucher and paid only $100 for everything. I will most definitely be back next time I need an oil change (usually every 16,000 miles at my rate) or something craps out.”

“Superior service. I’ve gotten all my work done here for my truck. They are honest and work with you to keep your vehicle in the great working condition.”

“This place is pretty good. They do a decently quick oil change, but are also a full-service repair center. That’s a tough combination to find. They work quickly so I’ve never needed to go a day without a car. However, they do close early and aren’t open weekends, so I have a hard time getting in at times. If you have anything bigger than an oil change, they won’t take you after 1 p.m.

Outside looks sketchy. I first went here on a group coupon, and if I hadn’t already paid for it, I would have turned right around. Inside they have a nice waiting area and a tv, but no bathroom.

I’ve been in 5 times. The guys have been friendly and professional each time. They check over my car pretty well and find new things that need to be done, which is helpful. Other shops can charge a lot to just look over a car. My only issue is that they do recommend things be done IMMEDIATELY that don’t really need to be done. I know 96% of shops do this, but it’s dishonest and I don’t like it. For example, they told me my battery cables were corroded and needed to be replaced. In actuality, my battery had leaked a bit of acid and it just needed to be cleaned (a 30 minute DIY process with a toothbrush and baking soda).

I don’t know a ton about cars, so I feel like I’ll eventually get screwed if I keep going here. Fortunately, I’ve been knowledgeable of all their recommendations so far- most of them are honest, but twice I’ve found them to be inaccurate. The other shop I frequent, Duncans, doesn’t seem to recommend unnecessary repairs, but they do charge more for what they do, so its kind of a draw. All in all, I think I’d prefer to go to an honest place that charges more, than a less honest place when its impossible to figure out which repairs are needed and which are not, so I probably won’t make this a regular place.”

“I am a long time customer of GM Repair Center of Roseville and owner/operator of Leap Of Faith Limousine & Transportation Services and take all the of the vehicles in my fleet to them only. As an owner/operator of a business, I look for honesty and trustworthyness and i have found that in the owner Scott and his mechanics. The mechanics are well trained, courteous and knowledgable and Scott won’t try to sell you something you don’t need. It is hard to find a mechanic shop that you can trust but i highly recommend GM Repair Center of Roseville for all of your automotive repair needs. Excellent service at a great price! Thanks Scott and staff!”

“This business is awesome! Extremely helpful people. I feel confident with the work they perform on my cars!”